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Important Customer Information

Please find below information relating to the terms and conditions which are applicable when you enter into a contract with R & B Carpets and Flooring. These will apply when an order has been placed even if only a deposit has been made within store. You should check the details of your order carefully including these terms and conditions and if you have any queries, please raise these immediately with our sales representative. Please note that any revisions to your order may incur further costs. Your rights: it is our responsibility to supply you with goods and services which meet your consumer rights.


If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us via telephone or calling into store. R & B Carpets and Flooring and its associated companies always aim to provide you with the best possible value and service.


By purchasing and signing your agreement you are entering into a legally binding contract with us. This means that both you and we have rights and obligations. If you are unsure of your rights and obligations now or at any time during the contract, please seek independent advice.


Your order

By placing an Order with us, you are accepting these Terms.

When you place your order, you are inviting us to enter a contract with you to supply the products you have selected at the price indicated in store and on your order form. When you place your order, we will send you an acknowledgment by email within 48 hours to the email address you have supplied to us to confirm receipt, following which your order will be processed.

When placing an order with us (including requesting samples or making an appointment under our home consultation service) you will be enrolled in our in email, Facebook, and Google Audiences marketing programmes. We will not share your personal information with any other companies for their marketing purposes. Your information may be processed outside of Europe, but strict rules are in place to safeguard it.

Where you have placed an order in store and an estimate of the price has been provided but the final price is determined by a home visit there may be a slight fluctuation in price. If the price, following the home visit, is lower than the estimate, your contract will reflect the lower price. If the price is higher by 15% you will be able to cancel the order and receive a refund of any monies you have paid, providing you have not already instructed us to proceed with the


If you have provided your own measurements, you are responsible for these being accurate and R & B Carpets and Flooring accepts no liability if the floorcovering does not fit. Therefore, please make sure that these are correct at the time of ordering to avoid any issues upon delivery or when the floorcovering is fitted.



While we try and get things right first time, occasionally things don’t go according to plan. Subject always to your statutory rights, if your floorcovering is not of satisfactory quality or is not fit for a purpose which was made known to us, we will replace any defective floorcovering and arrange for the defective floorcovering to be uplifted and disposed of.

If there is a problem with the fitting which we arranged under the agency agreement referred to in these terms and conditions, we will ask the fitter concerned to revisit your property for the fitter to carry out any necessary remedial works. Any contract for fitting is between you and the fitter.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Our products are only suitable for normal domestic use and are not necessarily suitable for commercial use, particularly where there are different fire safety standards in respect of some commercial uses with which the products may not comply.

If you are acting other than as a consumer, all terms conditions, and warranties implied by law (other than the warranty as to title) are excluded. You must make your own decision as to whether the products you select are fit for their purpose, even if the purpose is made known to us. In these circumstances our liability is limited to the cost of replacing any defective product. No liability is accepted for any loss of rental income, inconvenience, distress, inability to hire the room, loss of turnover, loss of profit or any indirect and/or consequential losses whatsoever.

This provision does not affect any liability we have for fraud or fraudulent misstatement or for personal injury arising out of our negligence.



Care guides and product information. You confirm that you have read and understood the care guides and product information relating to the product you are purchasing.


Product guarantees

We are responsible for ensuring that the products we supply are of satisfactory quality, conform to the sample and are fit for the purpose for which they are sold. Certain products have additional guarantees provided by us or the manufacturer. Where they are provided by the manufacturer, we accept no responsibility for these additional warranties or guarantees.



The samples we display in store are intended to give a general impression of the colour and pattern of the carpet however, when fitted in a larger area some patterns and seemingly random blends of yarn can have an inherent striped effect, or additional patterns and colours which may not be obvious from viewing the sample. Colours vary from batch to batch much like wallpaper and exact matching between separate pieces (especially from multi-width rolls) cannot be guaranteed.

All carpets are cut at 10cm intervals with a minimum order length of 1 metre. All sizes are approximate and within a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in full accordance with British Standard BS3655. If your room is close to the nominal width of the carpet, please allow for extra in case a join is required. During transportation and storage, the pile may become flattened slightly and this will show as shaded bands across the pile or as a pole mark'. These will disappear as the carpet settles into its new environment and the pile is flexed through regular use and vacuum cleaning. If the lines do not disappear within a three-week period, please contact the store. Carpet is a soft, luxurious product and flattening of the pile will occur. Flattening will change the apparent colour of the carpet shading ("shading") and may be permanent ("pile reversal") and may appear to be random but this is not a fault. Areas where foot traffic twist and turns are especially prone to changes in appearance. High traffic areas such as in front of chairs, beside the bed and in doorways are relevant examples of where the deterioration of appearance may occur. All carpets benefit from the use of good quality underlay. Re-using existing underlay may result in abnormal flattening of the pile. Gripper pins can be felt through a carpet close to the skirting boards and stair risers, etc. This is normal but as part of the fitting process, and if requested to do so, the fitter can flatten the pins. However, this will affect whether or not the gripper can be re-used. We recommend the use of vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes on cut pile carpets and suction only for loop pile carpets. Deeper pile saxony carpets will require additional vacuuming.



Areas over 12 square metres, unless stated otherwise, should be fully stuck down using a suitable adhesive. Your vinyl floor covering should not be laid on top of existing vinyl flooring, laminate or tiles unless stated it is permissible to do so. For areas under 12 sqm, a perimeter stick on two adjacent sides will suffice. All vinyl flooring is cut at 10cm intervals with a minimum order length of 1 metre. All sizes are approximate and within a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in full accordance with British Standard BS3655. If your room is close to the nominal width of the vinyl, please allow extra material. If you require the installation of your vinyl flooring below non-integrated appliances, please ensure these are removed from the room prior to the fitter’s arrival.


(LVT) Luxury Vinyl Tile & Laminate Flooring

Samples of these products only show a very small part of the overall design and pattern as this will have been taken from a larger piece. There may be a significant variation in the colour and design of your floor due to the random nature which occurs with wood and other natural materials, from which the design has been taken. We believe this enhances the natural look and overall appearance of the floors.

The supplier's fitting and maintenance instructions should always be carefully followed to prevent swelling of the joints or other expansion problems. Laminate and engineered wood flooring will be affected by moisture; wet mopping will likely damage the flooring beyond repair.


Whilst most of the products we sell are available to purchase in square meters, our luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring ranges are purchased by the box. When estimating appropriate floor coverage for your installation approximately 5% (rounded up to the nearest box) will need to be added to your order to allow for colour matching between boxes and off cut wastage during fitting. If a subsequent order is needed and placed, we cannot guarantee this will be supplied from the same batch as that previously supplied. If you have a surplus box or more after fitting, we recommend these be stored on a flat dry surface for future use. These are often useful to be kept should accidental damage occur enabling you to swap a couple of planks or tiles.


Our pricing in detail

At R & B Carpets and Flooring we want our customers to have confidence that they are getting the very best value on all our flooring. That's why we constantly check our prices against our competitors to make sure ours are competitively low.

Discounts are clearly highlighted in store some items may not be included in this promotion.



Payment for materials using a debit or credit card is taken at the time you place your order and is processed using an independent company’s secure payment processing system. We do not see, or have access to, any of your payment card information. Payment for fitting should be paid in full on completion of fitting direct to the fitter before he leaves your property, unless otherwise agreed by the fitter.



Delivery and/or installation dates are estimates only and given in good faith but are not guaranteed times or dates and should not be relied upon as such. Time is not of the essence of the contract. If the expected delivery time is likely to, or does, exceed 30 days you will be entitled to cancel your order if you wish and receive a full refund, unless we have advised you of a longer timescale and you have agreed to it.

Please check that the products you receive are the ones you ordered, the correct colour and size, and that they are examined for apparent faults or damage at the time of delivery and before installation. If on inspection you have any doubts, please contact us immediately on 07568446209.

We do not deliver products ourselves; we use third party delivery services. Your details will be shared with them to allow delivery to take place. We will share your information (name, address and contact details, together with the product being delivered) with the delivery provider.

We deliver to most postal areas in the Northeast, however, in certain postcode areas additional charges will apply.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate free parking and free and clear access and clearance to allow the products to be delivered without damaging the products or any decoration through the route of access. If you do not do so, no responsibility is accepted for any damage caused unless and to the extent we have been negligent.

When fitting is not requested from us. All our products are available for "Home Delivery" delivery which is fulfilled via our 3rd party logistics partner. Should you purchase materials for delivery only the following terms, in addition to the above, will apply.

Standard delivery times quoted can only be used as a guide and provided at the time of order. Your order confirmation is subject to sufficient stock being available by the manufacturer at the time your order is placed by us. Delivery times may increase around holidays and peak shipping periods. Our 3rd party carrier will endeavour to deliver your goods over the threshold of your property when social distancing rules apply. When social distancing rules do not

apply, goods will be delivered to a downstairs room of choice within reason.

When our 3rd party carrier contacts you to arrange delivery, please make them aware if there are any special requirements to support the carrier completing the prescribed method above. If you have alternative delivery requirements, please contact us prior to dispatch of your order. It is important a valid mobile phone number is provided which supports SMS should the carrier need to notify you on the day of your arranged delivery or if any difficulties

have been experienced which are outside of their control.

Some of the products ordered may be fragile in nature and whilst care will be taken to ensure these goods arrive in good condition, this may be completed using a palletised delivery. R & B Carpets and Flooring nor the 3rd party carrier will be responsible for the disposal, nor any costs incurred in the removal of such items provided to protect your goods during transit.

Our carrier will make every effort to deliver on the date requested by the customer, however, R & B Carpets and Flooring cannot be held liable for late delivery if this is caused by circumstances outside of our control.

Where a delivery fails due to non-attendance of the customer or the receiver being absent, notification will be sent, and you will be contacted to attempt re- delivery. Goods will not be left in an area which is unattended and will be returned to the 3rd party courier's premises until a new delivery date has been confirmed. We must be informed at the time of order of any restrictions which may exist to access or difficulties which may affect the successful completion of the delivery of your flooring. This will help us prevent delays and costs for aborted deliveries, costs incurred will be charged to the customer.

We are not able to offer a collection service from our third-party carrier nor from our store or satellite warehouses in relation to "Home Delivery" products.

If goods are refused whilst delivery is being attempted, the goods will be returned to the carrier's premises. We will get in touch with you to ascertain the reason for refusal and whether a subsequent delivery date can be agreed upon. We reserve the right to apply a surcharge for a second delivery attempt and will request all costs are settled in advance of any agreed delivery dates. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are available to take delivery of the goods at the specified time.

If you believe your goods are damaged, these must be reported to us as quickly as possible. If these are noted at the time of delivery, this should be pointed out to the delivery driver, and they should be asked to make a note of this and take pictorial evidence to confirm this. If you will not be present at the time of the delivery, please ensure the person accepting the goods on your behalf is aware of this requirement. This does not affect your statutory rights and in the event of the goods being faulty, these will be replaced. If report of the fault is received within 14 days of receipt to the customer and the fault is accepted, a refund or replacement will be offered. A collection charge associated with these goods will be chargeable to return the goods to the 3rd party logistics partner and this will be deducted from your final refundable amount processed by the store upon confirmation of receipt of the goods by our logistics partner.


Fitting (floor coverings)

If you wish us to arrange for your floorcovering to be fitted, you appoint us as your agent to arrange the fitting of your product. There is a fee payable for us to act as your agent this fee is chargeable at per m2. A non-refundable fitting deposit may be taken to secure your fitting date, this will be paid by us to the fitter and deducted from your fitting fee however, this deposit may be lost due to late cancelations or the need to rearrange fitting due to the customer. Alternatively, you may make any other arrangements for fitting the product yourself. We will take reasonable care to identify a fitter we believe is suitable to fit the products you have purchased from us and liaise with you and the fitter to arrange a suitable date. It also includes monitoring fitting standards, arranging a pre-cut service to aid an efficient and speedy 'at home installation', and on the rare occasion of a complaint being raised regarding the fitting, R & B Carpets and Flooring will manage the complaint between yourself and the fitting partner. You authorise us to enter an oral contract for fitting of your product(s) (and uplift of your current products if you have chosen this option) with independent self-employed fitters in your name and on your behalf. The contract for fitting will be under a separate agreement between you and the fitter. You must pay the fitter for the fitting services on completion of the fitting, unless the fitting is taking place on different occasions, in which case you must pay the fitter for the work completed on each occasion (for example, if a lounge, hall, and dining room carpet are fitted in months 1, 2 and 3, as part of a home refurbishment, you must pay the fitter the relevant proportion of the fitting charge upon completion of fitting each room). It is the responsibility of the customer to make the fitting partner aware of any known hazards or issues which may affect their ability to complete the installation.


Where carpets are to be fitted in the hall and stairs an additional fee may be made to reflect the additional fitting work involved in these areas. These charges may be payable to the company or the contractor and are shown on your sales confirmation or invoice. The fees quoted are for the goods shown on the order only.


If free fitting is included, the provisions (above) still apply, but we will pay the fitter on your behalf unless the terms of any free fitting are different, in which case those terms will apply instead.

We retain full responsibility for the products and services we supply, and the fitter is responsible for the standard and quality of, and any liability arising from, delivery and/or installation. Payment for the fitting is made directly to the fitter on the day your order is fitted.

The charges quoted are for the products and services shown on the order only. If you require additional fitting services these can be agreed with the fitter in advance or on the day and are charged for separately and are payable to the fitter upon completion.


Door trimming

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance depending upon the depth of your chosen floorcovering. This is not part of the fitting work unless this has been specifically agreed. Fitters may remove doors to facilitate fitting and have them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to carry out the trimming and re-hanging. If you have fire doors, external doors or non-wood doors that require trimming, this will need to be carried out by a specialist carpenter and this is not a service which R & B Carpet and Flooring will either carry out or arrange. We are also unable to remove, or arrange the removal of, any fire doors or external doors so arrangements must be made prior to the fitting date to avoid any delays. If there is a need to delay fitting due to these reasons you may lose your fitting deposit.


Uplift and disposal

If you have opted for the ‘uplift and disposal’ service, the fitter, under the contract between you and the fitter, will remove your old flooring and all offcuts and packaging from your new flooring. Even if you have paid for the service, the fitter will only carry out this work if the floorcovering is not soiled and there is no health and safety risk to the fitter in respect of the product being uplifted. Your fitter will return the flooring removed to R & B Carpet and Flooring for disposal. If you have decided not to opt for this service, it is your responsibility to uplift your existing flooring prior to your fitters’ arrival. Your fitter will then bag up any offcuts from your new flooring and leave them for you to dispose of. If you would like to keep any offcuts, please advise your fitter upon arrival at your home. Your fitters will move up to three pieces of empty furniture from your room, these are size dependant maximum 1.2 meters in height and at the fitter’s discretion. This does not include items such as grand pianos or other specialist items for obvious reasons as well as all white goods and electronics such as televisions and sound systems. We will need to be made aware, at the time of purchase, if any items require more than one person to be moved safely. The customer utilises the assistance of the fitting partner for the movement of furniture at their own risk and the fitting partner is not liable for any accidental damage which may occur during the movement of your furniture. Please ensure that these items contents are cleared prior to the fitting date to avoid any delays or inconvenience with your fitting.

We expect self-employed floorcoverings installers to cover the cost of travel up to a 30-mile round trip from the store to the installation address. There may be additional charges for longer distances, difficult parking restrictions or unusual requests e.g., ferry crossings. These charges will be payable to the fitter.


Appointment times and dates

Fitting appointments are estimates only and are made in good faith, but the exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. Time is not of the essence. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival of the fitter.


Damage and scuff marks

Fitters carry out their work with reasonable skill and care, but even with the greatest care home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. New paintwork and wallpaper are especially vulnerable and should be allowed too fully dry. A minimum of two weeks is recommended. Neither R & B Carpet and Flooring nor any fitting partner undertakes to carry out any redecoration, except where damage has been caused by that person’s negligence.



Our home flooring surveyor and subfloor preparation

We will only carry out and take responsibility for any free survey where the product to be installed is subsequently purchased from us.

If you have asked R & B Carpet and Flooring for a home flooring surveyor to visit your home and check the suitability of a particular product to be supplied by us for your flooring, the survey is limited to checking what is physically visible without lifting existing floor coverings. If you would like the entire subfloor checked, it is your responsibility to lift the existing floorcoverings prior to inspection. Following inspection, we will advise of any works that may be necessary prior to the installation of your product as revealed by the survey of the subfloor. You can then decide whether you wish for a fitter recommended by us to carry out any subfloor preparation under a separate agreement between you and the fitter, or whether you wish to arrange to carry out any appropriate works yourself.

If you elect to carry out any subfloor preparation works, it is your responsibility to ensure that the works are completed to an appropriate standard in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for the product(s) used and all relevant British Standards. You will need to provide evidence to R & B Carpets and Flooring that this has been completed prior to the fitter attending to fit the floorcovering.

If we are negligent in carrying out the survey resulting in damage to the floorcovering and the product is subsequently purchased from us, we will:

  • Uplift the floorcovering

  • Carry out any works which would have been identified had we not been negligent; and

  • Re-lay the uplifted floorcovering (unless it has been damaged whilst being uplifted, in which case it will be replaced)


Quotations and fitting

All quotations and orders are on the basis that the subfloor is suitable for fitting the flooring you have selected without additional work. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is the case. We can carry out a free home flooring survey (please see above). Any fitter recommended by us will fit the product on your subfloor as it is when he or she arrives to fit the floorcovering unless you have asked us to arrange for any works to be carried out to your subfloor. If any damage is caused to the product as a result of your subfloor being inadequate, all costs associated with remedying the subfloor and replacing any product are solely your responsibility unless we carried out a survey, please see above.


Cancellations and refunds

This order is a legally binding contract even if you have only paid a deposit. Cancellation of an order is not normally accepted unless we are in breach of the contract, in which case you have the right to cancel. The processing of your order begins as soon as it is entered onto our computer system and we incur increasing costs as your order progresses, therefore we may make a charge to cover some or all of these costs and other losses we incur if you breach the contract. If an order has been placed during a home visit and where no store visit has been made, the customer has the right to cancel their order for a period of 14 days from the date the order was placed. R & B Carpets and Flooring reserves the right to release the customer's order to the manufacturer only upon expiry of the 14-day period however, the customer can waive their 'right to cancel' during the 14-day cooling off period should they wish to do so, this will be automatically waived should the customer request a fitting date before the 14 days have passed.



After sales service

If you require any help or are not satisfied after you have made your purchase, please contact us. In the first instance this should be to R & B Carpets and Flooring, it is really important that you tell us if you are not satisfied as soon as possible to enable us to put things right for you quickly.



Please inspect the completed work with your fitter (please see the Fitting (Floorcoverings) section above for more details on the fitting process) before they leave. Your fitter should be able to address any issues.

If a problem with the fitting manifests itself after the product has been fitted, please either contact your fitter directly or in the first instance, let the shop who arranged the fitting know if there are issues.

Please sign the customer sign off sheet only if you are completely satisfied with both the product and fitting. The customer sign off sheet is also to be used should any unforeseen issues arise, our on sight fitters will use these as proof the customer has been made aware of any issue and is happy for the work to continue.

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